The Plague Of Liberalism Dennis Marcellino media kit
EX-liberal, Top Musician Explains and Proves:

how liberalism is based on myths...
how it's hurting our nation and is extremely dangerous…
what motivates people to promote it…
how we can reverse its negative effects.

Dennis Marcellino
Author, National Speaker, International Musician, and Media Personality

Ex-Liberal, Top Musician explains how Liberalism Is Hurting Our Country ... and what we can do about it

Dennis Marcellino, former member of Sly and the Family Stone and The Tokens (famous for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”), was a liberal who grew up and lived in San Francisco and then Los Angeles. He witnessed first-hand how the liberal agenda is hurting our society, participated in it and suffered greatly as a result. He is now a conservative Christian and author of Why Are We Here? The Scientific Answer to This Age-Old Question (That You Don't Need to Be a Scientist to Understand); Sweeping It Under the Drug; Addiction Free Forever; and his new book The Plague of Liberalism. He is a media veteran, and has been a guest on many TV and radio shows.

With 40 years of experience through 20 approaches to lifestyle, problem solving and personal growth (including: many traditional and modern forms of psychology, spirituality, religion and cultural lifestyles; etc.), this uniquely broad and extensive experience is what has yielded new insights and methods.

• Education in science, engineering, psychology, spirituality and theology. (See details below)

Celebrity status as a former member of some top name bands including Sly and the Family Stone (the #1 band in the world in 1970 and specially honored at the 2006 Grammies), The Tokens (famous for the hit "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"), The Elvin Bishop Group and Rubicon (which Dennis co-founded and which closed the largest paid-ticket event in history).
Author of five books with great reviews
Recording Artist including an extensive history in music, television and film, as well as 4 CD releases of his own, including a 5 star international bestseller.

As a former member of some top name bands, Dennis makes an entertaining and interesting guest for both radio and TV. His eclectic education includes 210 college semester units in the above named subjects, including Degrees in Engineering and Wholistic Psychotherapy. He has done many successful radio and TV interviews. (Click here for reviews and quotes by hosts and producers). He also makes a good guest because of his passion and unique insights for controversial topics (such as politics, culture and religion). For more bio information and Dennis' dramatic history (which could be the basis for a media segment) click here.

To make this show even more entertaining, Dennis' music can be used to go in and out of segments.The music can be either e-mailed as mp3s or mailed as CDs. Medleys of his CD's can be heard at

"Dennis, You did a fabulous job today.
Thanks so much. Mancow loved you!!"
Maya Balakrishnan, Producer
Mancow Morning Show
WKQX-FM/Q101, Chicago (and syndicated)

"Dear Dennis, Thanks for being with us. It was great fun and your message is so needed!"
Julie Jenney, Producer, Living the Life,
ABC Family Channel

The Jesse Peterson Radio Show
Mancow In The Morning, WKQX,
.....Chicago and syndicated
Nick At Night, WGN, Chicago
The X-Zone (syndicated)
The Inside Success Show (internet)
Talk America Radio Network
The Good Life Show (Sirius #114)
Bob Dutko Show, WMUZ, Detroit
The Barry Farber Show, New York
The Ken Hamblin Show, Denver
Recovery Talk Network
Mecca One, KSJS-FM, San Jose
Relevent Radio, Minneapolis and
KOPB, PBS radio
Wendy Riddle, “Sound Off”, WFNC
Adam Clatsoff, WWNN, Miami
Joe Galuski, WSYR, Syracuse, NY
Liz Johnson, WTLT, North Carolina
Dave Kirby, Book Bit, WTBF-FM, Tony Trupiano, Talk Show Host,
Talk America Radio Network
Steve Carr, Talk Show Host for
.....“Destiny”, WYLL, Chicago

...and more

(The above shows that Dennis is comfortable in any format: Mainstream, talk, entertainment, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, New Age, College, etc.)
CNN Headline News
CNN Entertainment Tonight
Good Morning San Diego
Living the Life (ABC Family)
Good Day Oregon
Good Morning L.A.
A.M. Northwest
EWTN (international network)
American Bandstand
The Merv Griffin Show
The Tracey Ullman Show
ABC special “Cal Jam 2”
Truth Or Consequences
Midnight Special
PBS special
"Let's Rock Tonight"

…and more

Las Vegas Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner
Seattle Herald
Bay Area Guardian
.....(1/3 million circulation)
Living Light News (largest
.....Christian newspaper in
.....North America)
Purpose Magazine
Christian News Northwest
The Oregonian

...and more…

Concert Venues
The Greek Theatre
.....(Los Angeles)
Cal Jam 2 (largest paid
.....ticket event in history)
The Universal
Nevada showrooms
.....(Sahara, Harrah’s,
.....MGM Grand, etc.)
The Westbury Music Fair
.....(New York)
Stadiums (U.S. and
The Arlene Schnitzer Concert
Hall (Portland, Oregon)
A number of concerts at
....."6 Flags Over..."
A number of the biggest
.....state fairs (main stage)
Irvine Meadows
Fillmore Auditorium
Norwegian Cruise Lines

…and more

Synopsis of The Plague Of Liberalism

Click here to go to Dennis' BLOG for his take on current events.

"You have a lot of important things to say. I think you have a potentially big book here that could impact many lives."
Joseph Farah, CEO of WND Publishing, and top conservative site, World Net Daily

The Plague of Liberalism
by Dennis Marcellino
The Plague Of Liberalism is a book that spells out the history and reasons for the moral, ethics and mental/emotional health decline in the U.S. in the last 40 years. It uses statistics to confirm this decline, and gives solutions to how it can be reversed - both on a societal and a personal level. It shows how liberalism is out of harmony with, and actually harmful to, nature and compassion - both of which it ironically claims to champion. And it shows how its propaganda is not based on truth, and (based on the author’s expertise in addiction) how its most vocal proponents suffer from a psychological disease, which the author calls “freedom addiction”. He says this disease has reached plague proportions. This is especially important information in this election year if the harmful tide of liberalism is going to be slowed down.

The author is an ex liberal himself, having been a hippie in San Francisco during the ‘60s and ‘70s, and a member of some very famous music groups – Sly & The Family Stone, The Tokens (famous for The Lion Sleeps Tonight), and The Elvin Bishop Group. On the back cover of this book he says, “The responsible and loving thing for the ‘me generation’ to do for the next generations is to reverse the damage they’ve done to the world they’re handing over to them.” This book is his attempt to do his part in that. “In general, this nation used to be very clean, safe and peaceful, and people were very sweet, happy, loving, patriotic and family oriented. How many can remember those feelings? I have very vivid, beautiful emotional pictures of them”, says the author. “Go to YouTube and listen to Johnny Angel by Shelley Fabares. That’s what the average teenage girl used to be like … sweet, lovable, dignified, romantic and family oriented.”

This book isn’t about judging people or “presenting something heavy”. Its focus is beauty, truth, harmony and love. It uses statistics and history to scientifically prove that the world would be a much more beautiful and harmonious place if God and His ways were to be honored, followed and held in the highest esteem. It uses these same statistics and history to show that liberalism has been causing a lot of people a lot of pain.

What the author discovered (after trying 20 other approaches to lifestyle before coming to the Bible), and is trying to pass on with this book, is that in this very pleasure focused world, when people live God’s ways, they are rewarded by God with the greatest pleasures life has to offer: love, peace, security, joy and pure inspiration.

Contained in this book:
• How liberals have hurt the black communities and life for women
• How the liberal culture is making marriage, parenting and growing up very difficult
• Scientific proof that God exists and why atheism is logically impossible
• How societies have restored good social statistics and emotional health
• Why drug use has increased under “political correctness”
• How “global warming” is science fiction and a liberal smoke screen
• How the APA (American Psychiatric Association) was intimidated in 1972 to change its long standing position that homosexuality is a mental disorder.
• How evolution is science fiction and how science instead backs creationism
• How liberalism is anti-nature
• Why Biblical values are far more effective than liberalism in solving problems
• Why San Francisco (out of all cities) became the mecca for liberalism
• Why some leading black leaders are against “affirmative action”
• The specifics of the psychological disorder that drives people to promote liberalism
• The most valuable psychology principle
• How an individual can escape the effects of liberalism
• Why the backbone of modern science conclusions is flawed and unreliable
• Why this country isn’t solving its increasing drug problem … and how it can
• A legal proof that Jesus’ resurrection happened - which gives credibility to the Bible
• How Secular Humanism IS the “Established” Monopolistic Religion of the Current State (and therefore is in violation of the First Amendment)
• How to turn the discussion around when a liberal gets defensive
• How the “me generation” severely hurt the culture for the next generations and therefore how it is its responsibility to restore it.
• How God feels about homosexual practices
• How the Vatican is against gay marriage
• The specifics of a liberal’s love/hate relationship with nature
• How liberalism has led to many tragedies due to its stands on sex
• What we personally can do to reverse the effect of liberalism
• How the negative media and entertainment industries can be changed
• Why marriages fail, and how they can be saved
• Why psychotropic drugs don’t cure mental illness, and how God does
• Who is reliable anymore? (The lowering of standards over the decades)
• Artificial birth control (a license for dysfunction), and what works
• How abortions can be prevented
• How the ozone layer is closing up and might soon be closed for good
• Where was God in hurricane Katrina? The theoLOGICal answer
• A plan to restore Biblical values in the United States
• How to resolve the “separation of church and state” issue
• Setting the record straight regarding U.S. history and religion
• The 50 state preambles that all honor God
• How the holidays (holy-days) were stolen
• The religious history of Thanksgiving
• How and why the author went from being a liberal to being a Christian
• The 20 approaches to lifestyle and truth that he went through first
• The cure for depression
• The good (and most accurate) way to view God
• 10 reasons to celebrate Christmas
• What makes a hero
• How to have courage with your convictions

"Dennis, You did a fabulous job today. Thanks so much. Mancow loved you!!"
Maya Balakrishnan, 9/14/05
Mancow Morning Show
WKQX-FM/Q101, Chicago (and syndicate)

“Great interview! You won me over.”
Liz Johnson, WTLT, liberal co-host of a show hosted by a liberal and a conservative

"Dennis, I’ve totally enjoyed talking to you. You are a wise man. You are the second smartest white man on Earth, this side of Heaven."
Jesse Peterson, The Jesse Peterson Radio Show

"Dennis has a wonderful message ... a great gift musically ... but a wonderful message of freedom and redemption."
Terry Meeuwsen, co-host, 700 Club and Living The Life

"Beyond his fascinating life-story and his amazing musical talent, is the genuine joy and peace that comes through everything Dennis does. He obviously has found the object of his message...true happiness.
Sharon Hughes, Host, Changing World Views, KDIA AM, San Francisco

"Dennis has written a very, very exciting book, which you really do have to read.”
Adam Clatsoff, WWNN, Miami

“Dennis, you’re absolutely charming and very pleasant to talk to. I forget sometimes that you’re a celebrity guest because you’re so easy and approachable.”
Wendy Riddle, “Sound Off”, WFNC

"I interviewed Dennis Marcellino, author of Why Are We Here? on The Inside Success Show and loved every moment. His wit and fun stories made the interview lively and memorable. My audience loved it. I would highly recommend him for any show. It was more than a delight, it was an honor to interview him. He was awesome."
Randy Gilbert , Host of The Inside Success Show

“Dennis has a very interesting... a VERY interesting story to tell!”
Joe Galuski, WSYR, Syracuse, NY

"You get an awful lot of research, thought, work and wisdom condensed into this one book. It's not a sloppy nor sentimental work but a rigorous and joyous proof of the love, majesty and grace of God. All this for $14.50...that's hard to beat!"
Dave Kirby, Book Bit, WTBF-FM, Troy, Alabama

“I highly recommend Why Are We Here? as a must book for anyone’s library.”
Tony Trupiano, Talk Show Host, Talk America Radio Network

“A wonderful book! What I get more than anything out of it is that: for people of faith, ‘there’s a good reason for why you believe. You don’t have to bury your head in the
sand. You can deal with any challenge on the tough issues.’ And for people who are not of faith: ‘consider the Bible, because what I’ve found - scientifically, philosophically and experientially - is that the Bible is truth.’ The author marries his science/engineering background with his cultural/musician experiences to say that Christianity has the answers, and that it’s applicable and relevent today. His book shows how to apply Biblical Christianity to our lives. This book is an A to Z about life....a sequential journey starting with the origins issue, all the way through to the end of life and beyond. You should buy 10 copies and give them to your family, friends, people in your church and
Steve Carr, Talk Show Host for “Destiny”, WYLL, Chicago

"You speak in a way that people can understand... bridging the gap between religion and everyday life."
Jeff Cavins, Relevant Radio

"I have REALLY enjoyed this interview. Dennis, I want to say that how you speak and how you define your concept and your understanding of creation and Why We're Here... it's just incredible! I love listening to you."
Diane, Northville, MI

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1. Ex-Liberal, Top Musician explains how liberalism Is severely hurting Our Country ... why people promote it ... and what we can do about it

• A perfect, logical argument as to why, in the clash of freedoms in our culture, conservative values should prevail over liberal ones in determining our laws.
• How liberals, who see themselves as defenders of nature, actually invalidate that view by promoting causes that are very anti-nature (e.g. abortion, homosexuality, single parenting, etc.) and WHY they are motivated to promote dysfunction.
• The Paradox of Freedom and how liberals are engaged in Freedom Addiction.
• How the liberal mentality is hurting American society (especially the black communities and the institution of family) under the false guises of compassion and freedom, and why it's more compassionate to be against the homosexual lifestyle than to be for it or neutral about it.
• Why, in order to be able to make the case for instituting God's ways as laws, we need to be able to scientifically and logically prove that God exists and the Bible is all true and the ways in the Bible are the best ones available for basing our laws on. This PROOF comes through Dennis' "10 Conclusive Proofs That God Exists And The Bible Is True".
• How the government's laws and policies contribute to either success or failure in 'The Pursuit Of Happiness', and how happiness has declined under liberalism.
• Comparisons of social statistics of years under liberalism and under conservatism.
• Comparison of the emotional and spiritual health of people under liberalism and conservatism as expressed in the entertainment of those years.
• How in order to understand the best way to approach politics, it is good to see that we aren't in a vacuum but in a larger cosmic setting and to understand that 'Ultimate Perspective'.
• New information that will inspire and motivate people to work harder for the upcoming elections.
• Show how history and science are on the side of Biblical influence in politics.
• How happiness and peace are inescapably God's domain.
• A brief view of Dennis' history of delving into 20 other approaches to lifestyle, truth and problem solving before discovering (25 years ago) Christianity as the peak of truth and solutions for life and how that discovery happened.
• Why we all should be motivated to contribute to the cause of conservatism, and how we can be.

2. How to permanently end an alcohol or addiction problem

Dennis Marcellino is a recovered alcoholic and drug user (...used for 18 years, recovered for over 24 years). He shares his insights on this subject and how others can overcome this problem in his new book, Addiction Free Forever (shown on the right).

* How does one get over an addiction?
* Why willpower is not enough
* Why the 12 Steps aren't enough
* You can't expect someone to say no to drugs unless they have something better to say yes to.
* You can be cured of an addiction to the point where you are no longer in recovery but are recovered with no desire for alcohol or drug use when you do find that something better

(To see the media kit for this book, click here.)

In Sweeping It Under The Drug (as shown on the right), Dennis shows the cure for other addictions he's conquered, including: gambling, sports, people, hobbies.

3. Current events and problems (and their solutions) viewed from the "ultimate perspective".
The "ultimate perspective" is:
• Viewing life in light of the fact that we are in an unfathomably large universe...that obviously human beings have nothing to do with it being there, therefore something or someone else does exist.
• Viewing life through the meaning behind the fact that that "something or someone" had each of us just appear here on this planet at one point and will force us to leave at another point. Did our life and this planet have a purpose in the universal scheme of things, or will it all just be "dust in the wind"?

Why Are We Here? (The Scientific Answer To This Age-Old Question...that you don't need to be a scientist to understand)
* The meaning of life...PROVEN, using science, logic, experience, statistics and direct observation.
* Is there a God and can we know for sure?
* If yes, what can we know about God?
*This book includes CONCLUSIVE science and logic evidence that God exists and the Bible is true.

(Review at

5.0 out of 5 stars.
The best book of its kind!

June 27, 2009
By James Calhoun (Burtonsville, Maryland, United States) 
"I have been a pastor for twenty three years and there were many times when I needed one book that would answer all of the questions that seekers had about faith in a cogent and scientific manner. I was never able to find that one book until now, and Dennis Marcellino has written it! The author seems to make a pretty bold claim when he says that he has discovered and written "the proof" about the existence of God and the veracity of the Bible. When I first picked up the book I was skeptical, however, by the time I put it down my skepticism had been laid to rest. A famous baseball player once quipped about his athletic prowess that,"It ain't bragging if you can back it up." Well this author certainly has backed up his claims with a very readable and enjoyable book. Great job!" 

This book gives conclusive scientific proof that God exists and the Bible is true.

Regarding "conclusive scientific proof": yes, seeing is believing. BUT, our eyes are only one way to access reality and the existence and nature of things in it. Our eyes are just one very limited scientific instrument. In proving the existence and nature of things in reality, science isn't limited to just what our eyes can see. For example, it proves and measures invisible things such as microwaves, magnetism, radio waves, gravity, ultraviolet waves, etc. God is invisible and therefore can't be proven by our eyes to exist ... but can be scientifically proven to exist ... which this book does.

Backed by science, but in plain language.

This book contains many books-worth of the best proofs that
God exists and the Bible is true
- including new proofs.

Some of what is in "THE PROOF":

• Scientific proof that there HAS to be a God (more specifically: a non-physical, powerful, intelligent, eternal being) behind the creation of the physical universe (This proof will be given at the link below in "The first part of Chapter 3" excerpt).

• Why atheism is logically impossible.

• Historical proof that other ancient cultures (e.g. Greeks) told the same Adam & Eve Garden of Eden account as the Bible, but saw the serpent as the good guy because he brought "enlightenment" to man

... plus MUCH more, which can be seen at

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"This is a very important book that is greatly needed at this time. I agree that the Bible should be the ultimate resource for life and living and that the world could greatly benefit from being logically and scientifically shown that this is true."
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, New York Times #1 Best-Selling "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series

"Dennis Marcellino has the answer. Actually, with an education that ranges from science and engineering to theology and psychology, Marcellino has many answers. But in his new book, Why Are We Here?, he chooses to answer the one question that has puzzled intellectuals for centuries."
Laura Gunderson, Clackamas Review

"In using science to explore what is usually an emotionally charged subject, Marcellino provides a strong fact-based philosophical approach which is compelling."
Diane Donovan, The Philosopher's Bookshelf, The Midwest Book Review

"Dennis Marcellino is clearly an authority on the scientific evidence that proves that God exists... a prerequisite to knowing WHY WE ARE HERE! And unlike others who give proofs, which are often difficult-to-grasp, micro-science proofs, his are simple and easy
to understand. (Not having this information is like) getting on a horse and riding in all directions. If you want to settle the questions that when answered will bring true peace
of mind and abundance, then I highly recommend you tune out the rest of the world and tune into what this fascinating expert has to share. "
Randy Gilbert, Bestselling author of "Success Bound"

"Why Are We Here? is the scientific answer to an age-old question and readers don't need to be a scientist or philosopher to understand. It was written with the intent of investigating what could be scientifically concluded about theology and its related fields. Why Are We Here? is engaging reading and a highly recommended addition to any philosophy and theological reading list surveying the general questions related to the meaning of life."
James A. Cox, Internet Bookwatch

"You get an awful lot of research, thought, work and wisdom condensed into this one book. It's not a sloppy nor sentimental work but a rigorous and joyous proof... All this for $14.50...that's hard to beat!"
Dave Kirby, Book Bit, WTBF-FM, Troy, Alabama

"Why Are We Here? was a fun book and very easy to read. It was very enjoyable and a great read for me."
Nancy London, host/producer,
WXCI-FM, Western Connecticut State University
(Also her co-host, Steve, said it was "very enlightening".)

"Dennis Marcellino is such a prolific writer and thinker."
Susan Filkins, Rose Sparrows Literary Agency, New York

"This book really does answer the question 'What is the meaning of life?' in a very logically satisfying and inspiring way. And it is also filled with fresh, insightful reflections on all aspects of life that uplift and enlighten the reader. Why Are We Here? gives an excellent overview of life while scientifically determining what is true and what isn't true among the doctrinal differences between the Christian denominations, world religions, psychology approaches, new age and secular philosophies. He has done a fantastic job in putting together this extremely valuable book. Obviously I highly, highly recommend it!"
Mark Stefani, Vision Reviews

"Why Are We Here? answered all my questions, and is written in a very informative, "down to earth," manner. It is wonderful! It is one of the most helpful books I've ever read. I keep it right next to my Bible. I Love It!
Ann, Ohio

"Dennis has a very interesting...a VERY interesting story to tell!"
Joe Galuski, WSYR, Syracuse, NY

"The greatest book ever! If people would just read it and really look at what it's saying! He explains it scientifically, and there's no way that anybody can dispute it. He's a genius."
Jerry, Vancouver, WA

"Why Are We Here? should be rated one of the best in Apologetics.
I could hardly put it down."
Nate Camacho, seminarian at Calvary Chapel School of Ministry

"This book has changed my life and my thinking towards God, and I have finally come to terms with who I am."
Sharon, Valley State Prison for Women

"Why are We Here?" is a book for everyone. Have you ever wondered what Christians actually believe? Now, you can find out without having to ask anyone. Dennis Marcellino has written a well organized account of why we are here. Marcellino, who has a wide range of education, has written an organized account with out being overly scientific or overly pushy with his personal beliefs. Interestingly enough, it is his musical abilities
that you would most likely know him for, having belonged to the Tokens who had the hit, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." I highly recommend "WHY WE ARE HERE?". Christians and "Non-Christians" alike will gain information here. Christians will have an organized account of what they believe and why. Others will have an account of what Christians believe and why.
Deven Vasko of Betsie's Literary Page @


"Clearly, you have won your war against drugs as you have been drug free for years. Your success in overcoming addiction is to be commended. It is our wish that every person stricken with an addiction to drugs can overcome it with the success you have had. It is our hope that every other person can understand the devastation that occurs through addiction and makes it a personal goal to stay clear of drugs. It is the dedication of people like you that give all of us hope for the future.”
G. Albert Howenstein, Jr., Exec. Dir., Office Of Criminal Justice Planning, CA Governor's office

"This book 'iced' my cousin, who was heavily into drugs. He took the book's
advice and now he's off of drugs and happy. I'd like to order 10 more copies."
Constance Elliot, U.S. Dept. of Health, Washington D.C.

"...frank and friendly...sincere and optimistic...not only concerned with ridding
people's lives of drugs, but also with leading them to a higher state of being and
greater fulfillment as individuals...a sympathetic voice which will affect readers
for the better...This book is personal rather than systematically therapeutic or a
'pop' treatment of a current social concern...touches upon the important factors
of human life---the self, relationships, mates, and others."
Corinne Perry Buck, The Small Press Book Review ('feature' review)

"I highly recommend the reading of this book as an understanding guide for all of the 12 step recovery programs. It gave me greater insight into my need for continuous spiritual development in order to maintain quality sobriety and peace of mind."
Gloria Montgomery, Chairperson of ALL/ANON GROUP. Founder of RECOVERY SYSTEMS. Founded many alcohol & chemical dependency rehab centers & hospital clinics in U.S. & Canada. CEDARS SINAI Alcoholism Counselor. 29 years clean & sober. Personal counselor to Shelley Winters, highly mentioned in her book.

"This book is absolutely --WONDERFUL! I could not put it down until I had read all of it. It is one of the most fascinating books I have read in years."
Robert Tyre, Editor, Eclectic Press, Atlanta, Georgia

"Very powerful material. An amazing piece of work by an amazing man."
Scott Fagan, Head of the recovery unit at Brotman Hospital (one of Los Angeles' largest).. Founder and Chairman of BIZRAP (entertainment industry Recovery Assistance Program). UCLA graduate (Drug Rehabilitation Clinic Design), Active leader in AA and CA (Cocaine Anon.)

"I wanted to write and thank you for your book. I work in the prison library so as soon as
I finished reading your book I placed it in the library. It has been very popular with the inmates. It is really a good book on substance abuse."
Benjamin, Seagoville, Texas

"I read your book and was very inspired to clean up my act. I'd like to order another copy for myself and one to pass on."
Theresa, Escondido, CA

"Just finished reading your book and wanted you to know how much it helped me.
Thank you. May God bless you greatly."
Mary A.

"A carefully reasoned argument against drug use that goes further than telling people to "just say no"--it offers real help for people who want to break free of the bondage of drugs. The book gives vivid insight into the realities of the drug culture that most of us never see."
Dr. John MacArthur Jr., popular author and radio minister, and
Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA

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More Bio and Background information

As a former member of some top name bands and as one of the original San Francisco hippies, he has had a lot of experiences with drugs and alcohol use and abuse. He is familiar with the ins and outs of what addiction is all about and how to overcome it and he shares his insights and
what has worked for him and others in his new book, Addiction Free Forever. The commercial page for his book can be seen by clicking here.

After finding the Bible as the ultimate source of wisdom on the planet (which he's scientifically proven to be a book of truth in his book Why Are We Here?), Dennis now focuses on helping others find real solutions and true meaning for their lives through his books and speaking.

Dennis was born and raised in San Francisco and then moved to Los Angeles, where he was a counselor at Grace Community Church (headed by the popular writer and media personality Dr. John MacArthur Jr.). For the last 17 years, Dennis has resided near Portland, Oregon where he has had a private counseling practice and now lives with his wife Kathy.

Dennis is a member of "The Discovery Institute" and "The Design Science Association".

Besides being a member of the above named bands, Dennis has recorded and toured as a musician/vocalist with Sha Na Na, Rare Earth, 3 Dog Night, The Electric Flag, Graham Central Station among others. He has also been a special guest star on many television shows including The Tracey Ullman Show, American Bandstand, Midnight Special and Merv Griffin. He scored
and performed the music for a number of movies, and sang the lead and played sax on two
songs in "Sweet Bird Of Youth", starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mark Harmon. To see and hear Dennis' music click here.

Bulleted, Dramatic, Personal
Show Segment Idea
(In chronological order)

• Normal growing up in San Francisco in the ‘50s and early ‘60s (born 1948).

• Married and went to college in 1965 at age 17

• Became a musician, then a hippie with a famous music career (Sly & The Family Stone, The Electric Flag, and The Elvin Bishop Group)

• Used drugs (all kinds) and alcohol for 18 years

• Had a number of “bad trips”, including one that landed his first wife in a mental hospital and cost him his marriage.

• Became an alcoholic to cover the pain and agoraphobia from bad experiences from drugs and “free love” (that is, sex outside of marriage).

• Sought help in many forms of psychology, with psychiatrists, in Scientology, (21 different approaches to lifestyle, problem solving and personal growth in all) but nothing worked…including the “willpower/behavior modification” and 12 Step “higher power” approaches.

• Decided on suicide in 1980 (a miracle stopped him)

• Following the Bible did work…and has for 24 years

• He says he’s not a “recovering” alcoholic or drug user …he’s an EX alcoholic and
drug user. He says that alcohol and drugs are just too harsh for his level of sensitivity now and therefore not enjoyable.

• He’s been living a life of deep fulfillment and great purpose for 24 years now…which
has been manifesting as a writer, speaker, media personality, family man and musician.

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© 2008 Dennis Marcellino. All rights reserved.

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